One of the best ways to meet us is to join us for one of our events. We have both a lunch and evening meeting each month.

  • Lunches are typically on the first Wednesday of the month at 11am at Taqueria del Sol (2317 12th Ave S).
  • Our evening meetings are in a lecture format. They take place on the fourth Thursday of the month at Emma’s Bistro (11 Lea Ave) at 6pm.

Occasionally, these times are subject to change so it is always best to check our Meetup page where times and locations are always posted. RSVPing for either event is encouraged.

PyNash volunteers also co-organize the annual PyTennessee conference, a regional conference that has attracted nationally-recognized speakers to the area.

Chat With Us

Our official group chat channel is via IRC. We are located on #pynash on Freenode. If you’re not familiar with Internet Relay Chat you can get started by using Freenode’s web client or signing on with a service like IRC Cloud. These will allow you to join the #pynash channel and say hello.

The Nashville Javascript User Group has set up a Slack group for the Nashville developer community that has gained traction among non-IRC users. This has the downside of being a proprietary service but has the benefit of accommodating offline messages, ease of use, and a very active #python channel.

Getting In Touch

You can reach the co-organizers via email or Twitter.

Other Groups & Info

Nashville has a very active tech community. Here are some resources that might be helpful if you’re looking to connect.