Python Jobs in Nashville

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Python Engineer (Part-time, contract)

Python, Django, DRF, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS

EvidenceCare is building the next generation application in clinical treatment pathways for physicians. We are combining our evidence-based data with patient context to bring treatment data to healthcare providers where they need it.

We are looking for a Python/Django developer who can make an impact working on our REST API. You will work in a startup environment alongside smart, energetic, dedicated people. Your passion and expertise will make a huge impact on our success and you'll get the opportunity to address the real world complexity of healthcare products in a clinical setting.

Though we support spending time working remotely (from home, a coffee shop, out of town, etc.), we are looking for a candidate who is local to the Nashville area. We value face-to-face conversations and interactions among our key team members.


  • You’ve built performant, scalable REST APIs in a professional capacity.
  • You are an advanced Python developer. You are experienced with Django and the Django Rest Framework.
  • You have experience building and scaling Django applications that have to perform under heavy load.
  • You're serious about security and it's foremost in your architectural designs and in the code you produce.
  • You have a solid understanding of SQL and relational databases.
  • You believe in the value of unit tests and test suites.

About EvidenceCare

EvidenceCare is a Nashville-based startup focused on delivering the next generation application in clinical treatment pathways for physicians. We are making a difference in healthcare and changing the way providers deliver care. Our team works in an innovative environment, producing results as fast, and as accurately, as possible. Our success hinges on the passion and expertise of our team.

For more information or to apply, send us an email.